Airport Parking Software Solution for Airport Parking Operators

Our Airport Parking Software solution for airport parking operators is an affordable and comfortable solution for your on and off airport parking with operations ranging from surface lot, garage, single or multisite airport parking.

The intuitive back-end allows you to manage parking spaces, things like prices and extra services easily and efficiently. Specially built for non-technical users and the web based admin area provides you with remote access to the car parking booking system, so that you can manage your business both from the office and on the go. Also our easy to use, powerful tools automatically take care of a lot of the work for you. Sounds pretty good, doesn´t it? Let´s take this opportunity to highlight a few of the most important time saving back-end features that come standard with the Car Park Booking System.

  • Get your real time booking reports. Review all confirmed, pending, cancelled reservations for your airport parking, for any certain period of time.
  • You can add as many types parking spaces as your airport parking has and set the periods and prices for each parking space type. As well as launch discounts on the price per day depending on date range, minimum or maximum days set.
  • What customer details do you need to know? Customize your booking fields to contain full customer information such as: age, contacts, car make, model and registration number and whatever else you want to know.
  • Flexible editable booking forms that allow you to configure the required fields present in the checkout form. You can also edited the booking terms, which lets you manage customer terms and conditions to meet your parkings specific needs. 
  • The manager also keeps track of end dates for all the contracts, so when the renewal date for a customer contract comes up, your airport parking software reminds you of the renewals due.
  • Each employee has their own login, so you can track the work your employees are doing. You know who is doing what because each employee login is linked to a customer, sale or change. 

Click here if you want to experience the everyday ease of using our airport software solution and enjoy the freedom of being able to run your parking business from wherever you are.

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