Car Park Management Software

Our car park management software is built to be used by non-technical users, which means that the focus is on ease of use. The web based parking admin area provides you with remote access to the car parking booking system, so that you can handle your business both from the office and on the go. In this article we are going to focus a bit more on the feature rich parking reservation system and on all the ways parking software helps you make money.

The high performance and flexible parking software is developed to handle data-intensive workloads. We have also ensured an optimal user experience for both customers and admins. The car park management software is meant to enhance your parking business and can be easily adapted to your specific needs. 

Flexible Payment Options

We have integrated various payment gateways into our online payment software in order to provide optimal payment flexibility. You can collect payments using various options available in our car parking reservation system. Choose which payment methods to enable or disable payments and collect booking details only. You can also set which currency you prefer to collect payment in, adjust a possible deposit amount and of course the amount of tax that needs to paid. You can create promotional codes for certain date ranges or set  discounts for a fixed payment amount or percentage of the booking cost.

Flexible Extra Services

Parking Software helps you make more money by helping you provide added value and extra services that your customers can purchase when making a booking. Car Wash, Meet & Greet, Refuel Service, just to name with a few. You have the option of adding as many extra service options as you would like. Just add more extras, define the prices per day for the service or per booking. 

Find out TODAY how our CAR PARK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE will expand your parking business.  Click here to CONTACT one of our specialist and they will show you how our famous ease-of-use will change what you can offer your customers. 

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