Airport Parking Software Upsells

Our airport parking software supports any on- and off- airport parking, that uses upsell to offer more value to their customers. But think about it: wouldn´t it be great if you could make even more revenue off of your airport parking? Well, every parking has something called an “average transaction value”, which means that every time someone parks a vehicle with you, you average a certain amount of money. This amount rarely fluctuates, unless you actively sell your additional services. Of course it can also be a good thing to increase the amount of services your offer. So let’s take a look at a few ways you can increase your turnover:

Upselling as part of the Job

Upselling doesn’t have to be a hard. It can be really simple. But every employee must know your sales process, and it does have to be enforced by management. In short, you have to train your parking staff to upsell! And if you do it right they won´t even know they are selling, it just part of the training you give every staff member. It´s also knowing each area of your parking business has the possibility for upsell.

Start Simple

Let´s take your valet staff as an example (and yes, the meet & greet valet service is already an upsell through our airport parking software). So start simple and choose just three standard upsell services. You want every valet attendant to sell those 3 standard services as part of their job when picking up a car. The upsell has just become the standard for how they do their job. You make the selling easy by training your staff to give a standard reason why the customer would want any one of the upsell services you have chosen. For example: “Would you like us to put fuel in the tank? This way when you arrive you will be able to go straight to your destination without having to stop on the way.” or “Does your car need to be serviced because of course the best time to get your car serviced is when you´re not using it. Our mechanics are all fully licensed and wouldn´t it be nice to come back to a serviced, or repaired car? ” Or “Would you like for us to wash your car before arrival? It will look even better than when you parked it with our quality hand car wash service.”

You just got to another opportunity to sell your services and to bring in more money. You actually increased your turnover without having brought in extra customers. And what´s better you can do this immediately, find out how our airport parking software will help you make it easy for customers to spend more money with you.

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