Meet & Greet Airport Parking Software for Parking Operators

When leaving for a holiday or business trip, everyone enjoys the ease and luxury of having a driver meet them at the airport to pick up their car (and of course it´s great when you return from your trip too). Being able to offer your parking customers this service is a good source of additional income for your parking business. Regardless of whether you operate an on- or off airport parking, our Meet & Greet Parking Software Module offers you three distinct features to facilitate your Meet & Greet service.


Customers can easily book their Meet & Greet when booking their parking online. Using the online parking management system dashboard created by Parking Software, car park operators manage all of their customers, regardless of where the booking was made, through a simple cloud based application.

Car Park Spaces

You can set your capacity levels on your car park and the Parking Software does the rest. Which means your car parking occupancy is managed effectively and efficiently. Centralization of all booking data ensures that the airport parking occupancy can be monitored and forecasts can help manage those parking spaces, especially important when operating in peak periods. The booking system automatically stops bookings once capacity is reached.

Car Park Staff

Our Meet & Greet Parking Software allows car park staff to easily manage the meet and greet parking operation through simple web pages that they can access on their smartphone or tablet. Car park staff no longer have to manually create daily running sheets from multiple sources because the Parking Software manages it all automatically. They can login to get their work sheet with their own personal assigned password and login that you assign to them. Parking Software will alert staff about arrival and pick up times, as well as help organize where a parked needs to be parked for fast and effective valet service. For the airport parking operator that means less staff because you can optimize staffing levels based on customer parking activity.

Parking Software is the one stop Airport Parking Software for new and existing on- and off-Airport parking operators. Our Meet & Greet solution is easy, quick and hassle-free. Just what your parking customers need after a long flight. Talk to us and let us show you what our Meet & Greet Parking Software can do for you.

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