Parking Software Solution

No more Notebooks or Excel? 


Yes, really!

We love the skeptical looks we get when we explain to new clients that they will no longer have to keep track of bookings, valet, shuttle, contracts, vehicles, customers or even their employees from check in to check out, in a notebook or in an Excel spreadsheet. But that´s not even the most mind blowing part: you can customize your Parking Software specifically to the requirements of your parking business. And honestly it doesn´t get much better than that.  

Customize your Management Dashboard

Our integrated management software enables customization. The Parking Software management dashboard displays all transactions and provides you with extensive reporting; on your bookings, revenue, contract renewal and outstanding payments with complete billing. You can easily select and adjust individual prices per vehicle -, storage- or contract type. This allows you to offer separate rates or promotions within your system for a clear overview. You have the option of manually entering orders, contract or customer data and you can integrate all the customers that come to your parking through affiliate websites. You can even import the data on your existing clients and create a loyalty program for your regular customers. Additionally you can quickly make changes that you will instantly see in real time. Which means you are in control; simply log in, look at your bookings, view statistics, organize workflow and much more.

Customize your Booking System

You have total booking flexibility.  You can choose how much information you want to collect from your customers at time of booking. You can have your customer provide basic information such as vehicle type, arrival- and departure dates or you can require your customer to fill in additional fields with information like flight numbers and vehicle colour. You can save time and make more money regardless of the size, complexities or demands of your parking business. Discover the Parking Software solution, it will help you work faster, be more organized and easily automate your parkings multiple tasks. It doesn´t matter if you have one airport parking or 10 airport parkings in different locations. Parking Software has created the solution which allows you to integrate and organize all of your business from in one place on your mobile, tablet or computer.

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