Supercharge your Parking´s Booking System with Social Media Login

There is a condition called “Password Fatigue”. It´s real and it has claimed many victims. You know you´ve suffered from it. Each team member here at Parking Software has “caught” it at one time or another. But worst of all, you know parking customers everywhere have experienced the same exhaustion, having to come up with yet a new username and password combination to book their parking. So what happens when “Password Fatigue” rears its ugly head? Well, customers will fill in the required information, but if next time they visit the same site and can´t automatically log in to their account because they forgot, misplaced, or don’t care enough to retrieve their username and password. They will leave and probably never, ever come back. Like I said, we´ve all been there.

We, here at Parking Software, are 100% committed to making sure that not one single one of your parking customers will succumb to “Password Fatigue”.  We do this with Social Login or also known as Social Sign-on.

But in all seriousness, visitors to your Parking Software website are looking for a really simple and convenient way to book their parking. And what better way to do that than by being able to create user identities easily and effortlessly? Your customers will never again have to take the time to create a new account when they book with you through your Parking Software website.  Your customers simply will click on one of the social login icons on your website. And from there they can login to your booking system with their existing social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn. They don’t have to remember yet another password.

But it gets even better: your Parking Software website recognizes your existing customers and all the previous information from previous booking is right at their fingertips. It is so easy for your customers to book their parking when you have your websites booking system running on Parking Software. Which creates happy customers, which creates loyalty. Which is ofcourse what you want, because not only will your loyal customers keep coming back for more, they will also tell their friends about how easy it is to book with you. How great is that?

Yes, you too can help the fight against  “Password Fatigue” by getting a Parking Software website. Click here to get yours today!

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