Airport Parking Software for Multisites

Wouldn´t it be great to have a clear overview of availability, bookings and employees and know exactly what the busiest times are for all of your parking lots in one place?  Whether you have two car parks or 20: Parking Software has developed a Multisite Airport Parking Software for optimum time-saving efficiency while maintaining our famous ease of use. Let´s list just a few of the key features that will revolutionize the way you run your multiple airport parking lots:

Vehicle Tracking

Parking Software tracks every booked and parked vehicle, including arrival time, make and model, valet staff, airline, returning date and time, amount and method of payment, and even scheduled departure times. You´ll have a clear overview, so that you know exactly when your busiest times are.

Employee Scheduling

You can schedule how many employees need to work to match the occupancy and workload for every one of your locations, taking in to consideration things like valet service, carwash, etc. Which means you will never be under- or overstaffed. Have a customer dropping their car off at one lot and picking up at a different location? No problem! When booking you can let your customers determine where they want their vehicles delivered or picked up and of course at what time. The Parking Software then easily lets you manage the employees for both locations.

Real Time

You can manage all of your garages and surface lots in real time. So that no matter where you are, you can follow and organize your parking business by tracking capacity, actual cars and activities from any web browser on your mobile, tablet or computer and it will be updated as it happens. Real time information about your business, means more opportunity for profitability for you.

Parking Software is the complete marketing and reservation system as well as an account management portal for your single lot or multisite airport parking business. We can help you take your parking business to the next level. Talk to us and let us show you what our software can do.

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