Parking Software makes upselling easy

When a customer visits your Parking Software website you want to take advantage of every sales opportunity. And of course your main business is to sell them a parking spot, but as you know there are so many more services that your parking can offer your customers by way of upselling. 

So what exactly is upselling?

It is when you persuade your parking customer to buy a more expensive item or to upgrade their service and allowing your parking business to make a lot more revenue. Not only that: it also is a chance to build a better relationship with your customers by offering them many service options.  If you have a parking website, not attempting to upsell when your customer is already in a buying frame of mind is a wasted opportunity. 

How does it work?

Well, imagine a new customer looking to book airport parking, they are going to approach it with a clear cost/benefit mindset. Basically they want the best deal at the best location. The new customer is looking to book his parking spot and so far all your competitors are offering long term parking for €100.  What you do is present them with a very competitive price of €90 for the same stay. They are booking with you because you are offering the better value.

The next step is to create a reason for your customers to upgrade – what tension are you resolving if they move to the next level? Well, wouldn´t it be nice to have the benefit of protecting your vehicle from the elements by getting covered parking for just €1,54 a day?  And wouldn´t it be nice when you come to pick up your car to have it  washed for an extra €12.00. Or a full tank of gas? How about valet service? You can have your car waiting for you on arrival right at the airport! And the possibilities are endless. Parking Software even has a client that has the upsell option of having a bag of groceries (bread, butter, eggs, etc.) waiting for their customers on late night arrivals. You can choose options that allow you to generate more income by offering additional services to your customers such as carwashes, valet services, shuttle transfers and much more. The sky is the limit!

Drawing people in with a low offer and then presenting them with better, more expensive options is the bread and butter of upselling.  Your Parking Software booking process is streamlined to be easy to use and to maximize your upsell. So go find out what your customers want and then sell it to them.

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